Blueberry Jam (Sweet) - VTA Flavour Notes

Tested @ 2% 70/30 0Nic. Bonza 0.14 dual Ni80 Flaptons on VV Pulse.

Manufacturers description -“A sweet blue jam flavour that can be used in bakery, candy, fruit, dessert e-liquid recipes.
If you're e-juice recipe is seeking that jammy taste of blueberry this would be the one to use in your mix. Can also be used as a stand-alone for that sweet jam taste.”


A nice blueberry Jam flavour not as sweet as I was expecting.

11 Days

Increase in strength but not expecting it to change any more, this is a definite Blueberry Jam slightly sweet with a full mouth feel including a slight stickiness.

Suggested Usage

I'd use at 2%-4% for a primary taste in a recipe and 1%-2% as a background taste.

Use this where you would want a Blueberry Jam this will work well with other fruits, bakeries and creams/custards.

VTA recommend 1-4% in a Mix – Stand-alone 5-9%


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