Bubble Gum Base - VTA Flavour Notes

Tested @ 2% 70/30 0Nic. Bonza 0.14 dual Ni80 Flaptons on VV Pulse.

Manufacturers description - “A juicy bubble gum flavour that can be used as a mixer or even as a stand-alone flavour. This bubble gum works well with other candy flavours, fruits such as pineapple, grape, musk, strawberry, blackberry and many more to create an authentic styled bubble gum taste.”

24 hr

This is a pink bubble-gum flavour (Hubba bubba) tastes just like you'd opened one and popped it in your mouth. A nice juicy mouth feel on the first taste there is an aniseed flavour but that disappears on subsequent pulls.

11 Days

Slight increase in flavour but can't see it changing any more, the aniseed flavour is no longer present, however it may be one of those flavours where you either get that awesome bubble-gum or straight aniseed (my wife got nothing but aniseed).

This also doesn't seem to suffer from flavour muting during continued vaping like some of the others I've tried (TFA I'm looking at you)

17 Days

No change in flavour or strength for me.

2nd opinion

My wife now only gets a hint of Aniseed but mainly that pink bubble-gum so appears it may steep out. YMMV.

Suggested Usage

I'd use this at 4%-7% stand-alone, 2%-4% as a primary bubble-gum and 1%-2% to accent a mix.

Should pair well with most fruits to give a nice fruit bubble-gum I can also see this working well in an Ice cream mix for a screwball (bubble-gum at the bottom of an ice cream cup) type flavour

VTA recommend 1-4% in a Mix – Stand-alone 5-9%Example Recipe from VTA: Bubble-gum Base 6%, Grape Juice 4%


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