Can E-Liquid Go Bad?

Can E-Liquid Go Bad? You betcha! But before you get ready to toss out that bottle of Scones that's been hibernating in your cupboard, let's take a closer look.

E-liquid may be shelf-stable, but that doesn't mean it's invincible. After about two years or so, e-liquid can start to see some wear and tear. The flavour you once loved may start to taste, well, like nothing at all. And if your e-liquid has nicotine, you may find that the harsh, throaty hit you're getting is just not worth it.

You might be wondering if vaping expired e-liquid is harmful. Turns out, there's no proof. But if you're like most vapers, you're not just looking for a decent vaping experience—you're looking for the intensely wonderful flavours that Chefs Flavours products have to offer. So why not make sure your e-liquid is as fresh as can be?

To ensure your e-liquid is at its best, make sure to store it properly. Keep that bottle upright, cap tight, and in a cool, dark, and dry place (just like your favourite wine). Sunlight and heat can cause your e-liquid to break down faster than usual, so avoid leaving it on that sunny windowsill or next to the oven.

In summary, take good care of your e-liquid and it will return the favour. But keep in mind that even though it may last awhile, e-liquid does have an expiration date. So let's raise a glass to all the expired e-liquids out there—you were once fresh and flavourful, and we'll always remember you that way.


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