Carrot Cake - VTA Flavour Notes

from the Platinum one shot range

Tested @2% 70/30 ONic Bonza 0.14 dual coil Ni80 in VV Pulse.

Manufacturers description - “A moist and delicious carrot cake, that’s full of flavour which consists of soft baked carrot cake with coconut, walnuts, and spices.”


Slight Carrot and butter cream frosting with an indefinable flavour in the background.

11 Day Steep

Definite Carrot Cake with a subtle Walnut and a Sweet and thick Butter Cream frosting including a slightly grainy texture as if you had just eaten some, increased in strength from 24hr test. I don't believe this is going to change any more

Suggested Usage

Use at 4%-6% as for a Primary Carrot Cake flavour in a Mix, 6% will also give you that delicious Carrot Cake as a full Single Flavour.

Use 2%-4% for a background flavour, at 2% you will get a subtle walnut Carrot Cake with the butter cream frosting being prominent.

Use 1%-2% as an accent, 1% is where you would use it to get that awesome Butter cream Frosting with an indefinable background flavour that should add interest to cake mixes.

Use in cake type mixes for that butter cream frosting or use as a one shot at 6% for a full Carrot cake.

VTA Recommend 4-6% in a Mix – One Shot Stand-alone 6-12%


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