Cereal 27 - CAP Flavour Notes

Cereal 27

Tested @ 5% 70/30 0 NIC. Bonza 0.14 dual ni80 flapton on VV Pulse.

Manufacturers description – No description available


A cornflake like taste slightly dry, no dairy or other moistness.

10 day steep

An increase in strength, this is a straight up dry cornflake flavour with a decent mouthfeel and a little sweetness.

Suggested Usage

I would use this at 4%-5% as primary note in a mix.

2%-4% as a background flavour and 0.5%-2% as an accent.

Be careful with what you pair it with as I'm certain this has AP in, too much AP in your mix and it runs the danger of turning into a Doritos taste.

Will be good to use for cereals and to add 'crunch' to other mixes

Capella recommend – Not available


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