Chili Mango - TFA Flavour Notes

Chili Mango

Tested @5%, diluted in 70/30 0nic

Tested on VV Pulse BF Dead Rabbit 0.14 dual fused clapton.

Manufacturers description “Sweet mango with a exotic spicy twist. “

1 day steep

Lick - weak Mango with a slightly bitter Chilli after taste, no heat.

Vape: - A very weak Mango with a soapy aftertaste.

8 Day Steep

Lick - reminiscent of a Mango Shampoo.

Vape: - A bright ripe slightly artificial Mango with no Chilli taste or heat.

There is a hint of another fruit underlying this, possibly Guava, unfortunately there is something happening with this combination that reminds me of a Mango shampoo.

Suggested usage

Mixed lower I believe this odd shampoo taste may get covered in a mix, used around 2% this could be useful to brighten other Mangos, I wouldn't Single Flavour this.

No change after 15 days

TFA recommend – None available


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