Cranberry - FLV Flavour Notes


Tested @1%, 70/30 0Nic

Tested on VV Pulse BF Dead Rabbit RDA 0.14 Dual Ni80 Fused Claptons.

Manufacturers description “A sweet, ocean spray craisin like cranberry. Slightly resemblance to the cranberry sauce you get in a can, but not as much the cran-apple variety that is used in cider. This is an important flavor to include in your berry profiles and tart fruits.”

1 Day steep

Lick - Slightly bitter at first turning into a sweet realistic Cranberry.

Vape - a slightly Jammy Cranberry with a full mouthfeel.

8 Day Steep

Lick - Very bitter with a slight antiseptic after taste.

Vape - A realistic slightly sweet cranberry up front leaning more towards a Cranberry Jam/Jelly at the end of the Vape.

30 Days

Vape this has suffered from some fading still a sweet cranberry with a slightly jam like exhale not overly strong.

Suggested Usage

I would use this between 1%-2% in a mix for a primary flavour although you may be able to push it higher but may run into a plastic type taste (the antiseptic on lick), I believe this may get slightly lost amongst stronger flavours and become more of a background note.

Use as an accent at 0.5%-1%.

Will pair well with other berries, beverage types like lemonade and some Alcohols (Whisky and possibly gin) should go well with Creams, Custards and light bakeries.

Flavorah recommend – None available


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