Cream Puff (SC) - WF Flavour Notes

Cream Puff (SC)

*This flavour was provided by Chefs Flavours

Tested @2%, Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a R200 with a Bonza 0.14-ohm dual coil Flaptons.

Manufacturers Description “Cream puffs have to be one of the most delicious and incredibly elegant desserts that will ever touch your tongue! Get yourself a good taste of french desserts at the tip of your fingertips with this amazing flavouring! This cream puff flavour has a light and fluffy choux pastry taste and a creamy and slightly sweet milky filling. This profile goes well with pastries, cakes, ice creams, and other desserts!”


Sweet light cream with a light profiterole like Choux pastry in the background

7 Day Steep

No change

21 Day Steep

The cream has picked up a little more, this is a sweet dairy cream with a light buttery accent, the Choux pastry remains a light background note

28 Day Steep

No change

Suggested Usage

I’d use this 1%-2% as an accent, 2%-3% as a background flavour, 3%-4% as the main flavour

If you wanted this stand-alone, I’d suggest 4%-5%

I’d use with Bakery, Cream, Custard, Chocolate, Caramel, Toffee


This is a sweet light buttery dairy cream with a profiterole like Choux pastry accent in the background. The cream provides a medium thick mouthfeel to this followed by a light Choux pastry mouthfeel, for me the Choux pastry would need another pastry or light cookie/biscuit added to enhance this at my testing %. Taken higher the Choux pastry will become more apparent but the cream will also pick up in strength. Used as an accent this would add depth to cream mixes, taken to a main flavour this would provide a decent base to build a Choux pastry and cream mix

Wonder Flavours Recommended usage: - 1%-4%


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