Croissant - VTA Flavour Notes

Tested @2% 70/30 0nic on Bonza 0.14 dual Ni80 Flaptons on VV Pulse

VTA Description

“A unique rich full flavoured buttery baked pastry flavour that is designed to be used with bakery styled e-liquid recipes. The component of pastry is very noticeable even at the smallest percentages, while the buttery notes are lifted mostly when creams are introduced. There is also a dry cooked crispy element which makes this flavour so authentic. Mixers looking to fill their Croissant with other flavours should look at our flavours such as Custard and Jams. This concentrate is intended as a mixer, however it can be used as a stand-alone if required.”

24 Hr

Very buttery & sweet almost verging on a buttercream, there is a hint of a flaky type pastry (Viennoiserie) in the background.

9 Days

Buttery and slightly sweet Viennoiserie pastry , there is a slight buttercream
taste to this in the background but overall is a very good Croissant, as the wicks dry out the

croissant becomes more realistic, even taking on a fresh baked note.

18 Days

The slight butter cream note has now steeped out, this now tastes like a buttery fresh rich croissant. No change in strength


I'd use at 0.5%-1% for an accent, 1%-2% for a background flavour and 2%- 3.5% for the primary taste, I'd Suggest 3.5%-8% as a Stand-alone flavour.

Will pair well with fruits especially those with a Jam like quality, like VTA
Strawberry Jam, this would also work well to add a flaky pastry type note to bakeries, should also

work well with custards and creams.

VTA Recommend in a mix: 1%-3% & Stand-alone 3%-6%


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