Double Mint - VTA Flavour Notes

Tested @3% Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a RX200s with a Bonza 0.14 ohm dual coil Flaptons @ 130w. Manufacturers description –

“ If you’re looking to add a clean refreshing mint taste to your ejuice recipe, this double mint will give you that crispy cool tasting mint flavour. Add it to chocolates or simple use it on its own, this flavouring will add a sweet cool boost to most fruits and dessert based e-liquid DIY recipes”


Strong mint with a refreshing cooling sensation at the back of the throat.

The mint starts of as Spearmint with a fresh leafy garden mint taste in the background

7 Day steep

No change.

22 Day Steep

The spearmint flavour has reduced in taste and the fresh leafy green mint has increased, however this, to me, is still more of a spearmint type.

Suggested Usage

I’d use as a main note 1.5%-3%, Background 1%-1.5% and standalone at 3%-7%. I’d use this with Desserts, Bakery, Creams, Custards and Fruits.

Use this where you want a fresh mint taste. May work with creams and to add a fresh leafy mint taste to cocktails.

VTA Recommend 3%-5% in a mix and Standalone 6%-9%


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