Grape - Fantasy Flavour Notes


Tested @8%, Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a RX200s with a Bonza 0.14 ohm dual coil Flaptons @ 130w.

Manufacturers description – None available

*My taste buds generally have an issue with Grape flavours, they either taste very floral or have a Petrol/Gasoline like taste to them, I still keep trying as I may find a Grape Flavour that tastes good to me, If you don’t normally experience these off notes with Grapes it is safe to assume these off notes won’t apply to you.


No cooling. This tastes like a sweet dark Grape, there are no florals at the moment however there is an underlying bitterness howevver I am sure that bitterness is just the way my taste buds perceive Grape flavours.

6 Day steep

No change

14 Day steep

Very sweet dark juicy Grape this followed by the usual (for me) petrol like taste.

That sweetness pushes that Grape into more of a Candy Grape than a fresh fruit.

Suggested Usage

I’d use as a main flavour at 7%-10%, A Background at 5%-7% and an accent at 3%-5%. Standalone at 10%-15%

Although primarily a stand alone flavour I believe this could be used with Fruits, Beverages and Candy flavours and wherever you want a Sweet candy like Dark Grape.

Chefs Flavours recommend 10%-15%.


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