Hibiscus - CAP Flavour Notes


Tested @5%, diluted in 70/30 0nic

Tested on VV Pulse BF with dead rabbit RDA 0.14 Ni80 Dual Fused Clatptons.

Manufacturers description – None available

1 Day steep

Lick - very pleasant warm spice like taste not overly floral.

Vape :- slight floral but a pleasant taste, getting an almost warm taste, it tastes like a cross between an herb and spice.

8 Day steep

Lick - Slight Floral warm taste almost herb like.

Vape - almost berry like sweetness with a Jam like quality, no real floral taste.

Suggested usage

I could vape this single flavour at 5%, as a main note against a strong flavour I’d use this at 4-5% as a background note 2-3.5% and as an accent 0.5%-1.75% .

I feel this would be useful to boost red berries at a low flavour % and also add a jam like quality slightly higher to darker berries like blackberry.

This will work well with creams and bakery.

Should pair well with a lot of beverage type concentrates, ginger, lemon, blueberry, orange, blue raspberry type vapes

Capella recommend - None available


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