Mangosteen - VTA Flavour Notes


Tested @2% Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a R200 with a Bonza 0.17 ohm dual coil Ni80 Flaptons @ 100w.

Manufacturers description “ Delicate, juicy and exotic purple mangosteen flavour. If you haven’t had a mangosteen before, you haven’t tasted the most delicious thing to ever grace our beautiful planet. Mangosteens are so famously delicious that they’ve been proclaimed the “Queen of Fruits.” Mangosteen tastes like a hybrid between lychees, peaches and have the sweetness of pineapple, perfect to add to any fruit e-liquid recipe to give it an exotic rare flavour. If you love mixing your e-juice recipes with Lychee, dragon fruit, pear or pineapple you’ll defiantly love using this flavour.


Slight apple like taste followed by a creamy almost ice cream/custard like taste sweet and slightly tart

7 Day steep

Slight increase in strength, the creamy vanilla ice cream like note has now come out a little more, the top notes now taste like a blend of apple, strawberry and peach with only slight hints of each, then the mid notes are provided by a that slight vanilla like note and the bottom notes are filled in by that creamy ice cream like taste followed by a very slight sourness. Overall these flavours blend well to create an unusual sweet and creamy tropical fruit that has a mild sourness at the end.

15 Day steep

No change

22 Day Steep

No change

Suggested Usage

I’d use as a main flavour 3%-5%, Background 2%-3% and an accent 1%-2%. Standalone 5%-10%

Use with exotic fruits, creams, ice creams, other fruits and bakery.

VTA Recommend 3%-5% in a mix and Standalone 7%-12%


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