Mocha - FLV Flavour Notes


Tested @ 1%, diluted in 70/30 0Nic

Tested on a R200 Bonza dual coil 0.14ohm Flapton @ 100w

Manufacturer’s description – “Coffee with creamy milk chocolate. Very smooth like a chocolate chip coffee ice cream. Not as smokey as our straight coffee flavour.”


Light coffee like taste with a little cream, no chocolate yet, slight vegetal off note

33 day steep

The vegetal note has now steeped out, this is quite a light flavour. I am getting a very slight black coffee like taste followed by a stronger sweet milk chocolate.

Suggested usage

I’d use as a main 1.5%-2%, Background 1%-1.5%, accent 0.5%-1%. Standalone 2%-3%

I’d use with Coffee, Dairy, Chocolate, Nuts, Creams.


To me the chocolate note is more pronounced than the coffee after a steep. The chocolate is sweet and like a dairy milk type without any dryness or syrupy qualities. I would use this around 1% to boost chocolate notes or add chocolate notes to a recipe.

Flavorah recommended usage - Start at 1%


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