OMG! - Molinberry Flavour Notes


*This flavour was provided by Chefs Flavours

Tested @7%, Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a R200 with a Bonza 0.14-ohm dual coil Flaptons.

Manufacturers Description “Delicious & soft vanilla cupcake topped with cocoa milk cream finished with a hint of chocolate shake.”


Vanilla followed by a sponge cake taste some dairy notes and light chocolate

7 Day steep

No change

14 Day Steep

This has now developed a creamy vanilla milkshake taste in the background

42 Day Steep

No change

Suggested Usage

As this is designed as a one shot and due to the unique flavour profile I could only think of enhancing this using the Standalone flavour as the base

As a standalone flavour, I suggest 7%-9%

I’d use with Cream, Dairy, Cakes, Cookie, Chocolate, Cocoa


Due to the unique profile of this I had difficulty thinking of usage for this other than as a Standalone vape or as a Base to enhance this mix for your tastes.

I get vanilla followed by a sponge cake with some light chocolate notes and a light dairy in the background, for me the dairy could do with being enhanced a little as it’s not quit milkshake for me.

Molinberry Recommended usage: - 6%-8% 


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