Peanut Butter - FLV Flavour Notes

Peanut Butter

Tested @1%, 70/30 0nic

Tested on a VV Pulse BF with Bonza RDA 0.14 dual coil fresh 20700 battery

Manufacturers description “Earthy, roasted peanut butter flavor. Blend with berries, or blend with rich flavors and tobaccos. Having a good peanut flavor opens up all kinds of familiar flavors, from Babe Ruth candy bars to PB&J sandwiches.”

3 Day Steep

Lick: very realistic roast peanut.

Vape: Very Light Roast Peanut no butter.

8 Day Steep

Lick: Dry roasted peanut slightly sweet with no butter.

Vape: stronger than at 3 days but still a Light slightly Dark Roast Peanut with a very light butter.

Suggested usage

As it is at 8 Days it would need to go up to 2% for a Single flavour, however I think the butter would still be very light, you would just get a stronger and dryer roast peanut although pretty realistic.

Think about combining with TFA PB to boost the TFA Peanut taste and add a touch of CAP Golden Butter to enhance the butter taste if using this as the only PB. Would combine well with tobaccos for that dry peanut but more of an accent flavour Imho.

Flavorah recommend – 2%-5%


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