Pound Cake - FLV Flavour Notes

Pound Cake

Tested @ 2%, diluted in 70/30 0Nic

Tested on a R200 Bonza dual coil 0.14ohm Flapton @ 100w

Manufacturer’s description – “One pound of butter, one pound of sugar, and one pound of flour. It's as simple as that. Pound cake”


Medium density cake, a little like a sponge cake but a bit denser with a very slight coconut like taste

33 day steep

This hasn’t changed a lot from SnV. There has been a slight increase in strength, the texture has increased and is like a moist, crumbly slightly dense sponge cake. The coconut like taste is still present in the background

Suggested usage

I’d use as a main 2%-3%, Background 1%-2%, Accent 0.5%-1%. Standalone 3%-5%.

I’d use with Custard, Cream, Frosting, Cakes, Fruits, AP, Nuts, Caramel, Butterscotch, Floral, Bakery, Coffee, Ice Cream, Vanilla and Butter.


This is a very good cake flavour, used low this would be a good texturiser for cookies to thicken up the mouthfeel and give a crumbly texture, taken to 1.5%-3% this will give a convincing cake flavour as the main note in a mix only use 2.5%-3% against other strong concentrates, the slight coconut like flavour should get covered in a mix at 2% and below, above 2% it may creep into your mix but won’t be a prominent flavour.

Flavorah recommended usage - Start at 1%


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