Raspberry - DV Flavour Notes


Tested @10%, Mixed max VG 0 nic

Tested with tfv8 RBA 0.3ohm simple ss316l coil and Royal Hunter RDA same coil setup.

Manufacturers description “Tart fruit top notes balanced by a mouthwatering sweetness and topped with a hint of cocoa. A wonderful pick-me-up. Our Raspberry Flavour concentrate is delicious on its own or for mixing with other fruit and menthol flavours.”


Very floral and perfume like with a back note of tart raspberry.

7 Day steep

That floral/perfume note is still there although less with the raspberry coming through.

14 Day steep

The floral/perfume note has now almost steeped out and has left a pleasant Raspberry taste.

Suggested usage

Ignoring the perfume note, this doesn't taste like a straight raspberry, it has a mild and pleasant creamy aspect to it, the raspberry isn't quite a fruit or a candy type but somewhere in between.

Uses: this would work well in a dessert or bakery recipe where you'd want that cream note backed up with a more realistic raspberry, like FA Berryl or your favourite realistic raspberry, this would go very well in an Ice Cream or with a Vanilla, like Inw Shisha Vanilla.

I wouldn't personally use this in a straight fruit mix where you wouldn't want a cream note.

I think the perfume note came from the high % Standalone, dropped down to around 7% I think that would disappear and would be a pleasant vape on its own.

In a mix as a main note I’d use this at 4% and 2 -2.5% as a background.

The steeping time may have been down to being max VG and such a high % using 70vg/30pg I’d expect this to be a 1 week steep at the most.

DV recommend – None available


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