Sugar Cone (SC) - WF Flavour Notes

Sugar Cone (SC)

Tested @1%, 70/30 0Nic.

Tested with a Bonza 0.14 dual Ni80 Flaptons on VV Pulse.

Manufacturers description “A sugary wafer to compliment ice cream and dessert mixes.”

3 Day steep

Sweet very light biscuit with a background of a brown sugar/ molasses type taste.

19 Days

A light sugar cone taste with the brown sugar/molasses taste still present underlying that biscuit, reminiscent of an Ice Cream Wafer/Cone.

Suggested usage

I'd use this at 2.5%-3.5% for the main note against heavy creams/Ice creams and custards may need a slight boost from another biscuit at low %.

As a background flavour 1.5%-2.5% and as an accent 0.5%-1.5% to boost another biscuit.

This will work very well as an ice cream cone/wafer in a mix and may work well with crust type bakery flavours to turn them into a tart.

WF recommend – 1%-4%


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