Vanilla Cupcake (DX) - TFA Flavour Notes

Vanilla Cupcake (DX)

Tested @5.5%, Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a RX200s with a Bonza 0.14 ohm dual coil Flaptons @ 130w

Manufacturers Description “A diketone (Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl) free version of our 'Vanilla Cupcake Flavor.' In place of these, there is Butyric Acid for the rich note

A sweet, cakey vanilla flavor with a hint of frosting. Medium Strength”

1 Day Steep

Nice smooth and strong Vanilla, there is a cupcake like sponge cake taste in the background.

8 Day steep

A slight sour dairy note has now appeared right on the tail end of the vape, there has been no strength change, and this possibly needs a longer steep due to the sour off note.

22 Day steep

No change

30 Day Steep

The sour off note at the end of the vape has now reduced in strength and should get covered in a mix. At the beginning of the vape I get a light sponge/cupcake type taste, followed by a Vanilla buttercream or frosting in the background.

Suggested Usage

I’d use this 1%-2% as an accent, 2%-4% as a background flavour, and 4%-6% as the main note. If you wanted this as a standalone flavour I’d suggest 6%-10%.

I’d use this with other cake flavours, Creams, Ice Creams, fruits and some bakeries.

Please note like most of the DX flavours this appears to need at least double the steep time of its non DX counterpart, the higher this goes the longer steep it will need to reduce/eliminate that sour dairy off note.

TFA recommend – None available


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