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We'd love to introduce you to some of the Creators and show you a face behind their brands. So we asked them to send us a picture and a little description about themselves for you to get to know them a little better and here's what they sent us:



Dean 'Beefcake' Taylor was born in the sweltering heat of July 1981 to parents who were startled by his uncommon good looks. His childhood passed idyllically in the lush Lincolnshire Wolds where he frolicked gaily with his peers. Such beauty and nubility can be a curse and coupled with a keen inquisitive mind, his teenage years were fuelled with angst. He slipped into a spiral of despair, listening to the Manic Street Preachers and reading Satre, before Rik Mayall came to him in a dream and gave him the mental 'chinese burn' he needed to come back out of his shell. 

He has dipped his toe into many hobbies and pastimes over the years: angling, amateur dramatics, bread baking, and of course he was the seventh best hard trance DJ in the West Lindsay district. 

None, however, has he excelled in quite so thoroughly as the art of mixing e-liquids in which he is undoubtedly the finest proponent of in all of his village. Taking inspiration from such talents as the late Les Pickin who's YouTube content gave the confidence for his first mixes, and the joyously passionate foodie, Ainsley Harriott (whom he has a big crush on) he prefers the bakery and dessert based juices, especially well crafted dessert tobaccos. 

His witty if risqué notes which accompany each recipe release, earned him an army of literally 10's of fans before Chefs realised his potential, and along with their Sasquatch pal, Barry, they rebranded his work for a more mainstream audience. These days Dean is living a strained existence, between the family home with his partner Lucy, and their twin boys Freddie and Joseph, and the woods where he hopes to one day have his revenge!


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DEVELOPED brings together the best and brightest in the DIY community to deliver quality content that both educates and entertains. 

 Along with Nachef's expertise in fruits, caramels, and tropical profiles, Nachef adds a distinct uniqueness to the team utilizing his knowledge of quality content presentation and production. He edits all of DEVELOPED's videos to bring the magic to our produced videos to make them attractive and entertaining.

 MaxSavage brings his vast understanding of tobaccos and bakeries to the team, and he also has an unparalleled skill with cutting edge graphics and design. But most of all he's hilarious! Without his quick witted humor, DEVELOPED's live shows and produced videos would not be as entertaining. MaxSavage makes the shows fun and engaging.

 Folkart's expertise in desserts, bakeries, custards, and chocolate profiles, adds to the diversity of the team. His attention to detail and complete accuracy to a profile, makes him a vital part of DEVELOPED. His webpage management skills are crucial to the team to maintain a vibrant web presence. 

Each team member contributes their individual unique skills as a mixer and their personalities, making DEVELOPED an excellent resource for mixers at all levels.  Whether you're a beginning mixer, or experienced DIYer, you'll be able to glean useful knowledge that's easy to digest and be entertained in the process.


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I'm Julia Su.

I came across a pen style e-cigarette in 2013. I didn't expect to switch over night but it somehow happened. 

It took a few years before I went down the rabbit hole. Like many, I tried one shots first and experimented by adding other flavours. Most commercial liquids and one shots were too sweet for my personal taste; this became my main motivator to create recipes on my own. 

Very passionated about not starving to death but also keep being entertained by life, I moved to live in another country twice (Germany - Spain - Wales). 

And due to my other hobby, photography, I traveled a fair bit around the globe as well. Next to pretty pictures I also picked up a lot of impressions and memories of food and drinks which are constantly inspiring me for my flavour creations. Therefore you might find some not so usual flavour combinations in my range of one shots and recipes. My personal profile preferences tend to switch a bit with the seasons, but since there isn’t really much summer offered here in Wales, I’m currently picking up mostly desserts and tobaccos.

At the moment im stuck with "Schmidt". I've not been able to get bored of it since I created it. Every now and then I do love a fresh fruity kick though and I’m not afraid of floral flavours either.


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My name is Kopel. I started vaping in early 2014, and started mixing only a few weeks after. It quickly went from “saving a little money” to a full blown mixing catastrophe. I started creating my own recipes right away. I released my first one shots to the wild with Chef’s as a member of EJM (E-Juice-Makers) during the holiday season of 2016. 

My favourite flavors to work with aren’t always what’s popular. I enjoy florals and tobacco offerings the most. Elderflower Dreams was my most favorite (to date anyways) one shot release, being a bright tropical flavor but with a prominent elderflower top note.

Lately I’ve been working a lot more on tobacco flavors as the cold weather approaches. I’m often inspired by memory when I start a new mix. Our memories and our sense of taste and smell are tied so closely together, I always try to evoke some kind of tie to happy memories with every new mix.


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For those that don't know me, I am Liam Davey, the creator of the Twisted Imagination brand, AKA Sheerluck_Ohms. 

I have been vaping now for coming up to 8yrs and have been creating my own recipes for close to 7yrs, I initially switched from Smoking to Vaping when I found out my wife was pregnant and realised if I carried on smoking I may not be around long enough to see my Son grow into an Adult, after trying various methods vaping is the only one that worked, this quickly became a hobby (some may say obsession) and allowed me to indulge in a creative side that I never knew existed. 

My inspiration for recipes comes from everywhere, for example favourite foods and drinks or seeing an unusual pairing used in a cocktail, I have been known to dabble in Floral vapes although these invariably end up as Public Mixes and not One Shots. I decided on the brand name Twisted Imagination due to enjoying unusual or rarely used combinations on public mixes. The one shot I am most proud of is my Egg Custard Tart after months in development and several tweaks (as well as over a dozen actual Egg Custard Tarts) I hit upon the recipe now being sold, which to my tastes was as close as I could get, for my tastes, using the flavours available at the time, to the real life food. I am always working on something and normally have around 20 recipes being worked on, tweaked and steeped (maybe it is an obsession?) at any time. 

I primarily vape desserts, dessert Tobaccos and Custards although do have quite an eclectic palate so will also vape most profiles when inspiration strikes. I primarily vape DTL RDA's at 200w although I also test at 100w, with one shot releases these also get tested on RTA's from 60-100w


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The UK Eliquid Mixing Show  OHm Grown Alchemy. 

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Folkart's recipe development showcases his attention to detail and complete accuracy to a profile. He is known as "one of the best mixers in the game". Folkart has a real no quit attitude when it comes to mixing, cracking some of the most difficult and seemingly impossible profiles. His obsession to crack the code on specific profiles and cloning commercial e-liquid shows his dedication to accuracy.

Folkart considers his expertise to be in desserts, bakeries, custards, but most of all chocolate profiles, all of which can be found on

Folkart is a founding member of DEVELOPED and also owns and operates which is designed to help others discover the art of DIY mixing.  He also offers custom commercial recipe development services to clients as well as licensing his creations.


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