You know us for providing a huge selection of one shots...We stock many known brands, but we do believe, there are some great mixers out there in the community. And their recipes can easily keep up with the eliquid of big names!

Since 2016, Chefs Flavours have been supporting great mixers of the community. Together with the creators we produce a range of one shots using their recipes and in return we would share the profits. This supports the creators directly to create even more recipes and content for you.

At the moment we have 11 creators on the website who we work with directly. We not only feel Support the Creator is a great way to give back to to the mixing community, but also offer great one shots for those of you who prefer an easy quick mix rather than recreating recipes. 

With every order during this Month of the Creator you might receive some goodies provided by the creators. These goodies are tickets to win 5 Creator One Shots! Just post a pic of what you found in your parcel in our Facebook group or on Instagram with the hashtag #supportthecreator and you're in for the draw at the end of the month!

We always offer all Creator One Shots for a discounted price of £7.50/30ml. For this month just use the code CREATORLOVE10 during the checkout and 
you'll get an additional 10% off all the Creator one shots (valid until end of November).
So why not grab one of their flavours and show them some love by leaving a review on our website as well?


Also....don't forget the big chance to become a Creator yourself! You still have until the 15th of November to send us a 10ml sample of your best unpublished recipe and win a big Mystery Box and the opportunity to get your one shot on our website!

Lots of Love

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