How To Store Your E-Liquid

Let's talk about where to stash your e-liquids. You've got this sweet juice in your hands, but where's it gonna live? On the counter? In the back of a drawer, gathering dust? Maybe even left in your car? We've all got our habits when it comes to where we plop down our e-liquids, but maybe it's time to think a little deeper about it. Where you stow your e-liquid could make a world of difference in how long those flavours stay kicking, and that could save you some serious dough.

First off, let's talk about protecting your e-liquid from the "elements." Heat, light, and air. These three little troublemakers can wreak havoc on your e-liquid, and ultimately mess with the taste and colour over time.


UV rays can negatively effect your e-liquid, warming it up and splitting those little molecular ingredients apart. To keep your juice safe, it's best to store it in a dark spot, especially if you're planning on stocking up for the long haul.


It's kinda like light's annoying cousin, breaking down those ingredients into smaller bits and taking a toll on the taste. Keep your liquid cool and dark if you want it to stay tasty.


When your e-liquid mixes with oxygen, it starts cooking up some cotinine, breaking down the nicotine in your juice. To avoid this, make sure your e-liquid is sealed up tight and put the lids back on after use.

So, where's the best spot to let your e-liquid hang out? A cool, dark place is your best bet. That'll keep the light and heat at bay, so your flavours can keep on rockin'. Look for a spot that's away from any heat sources and keep it tucked away in a cool cupboard, and you should be good to go!

Alright, so let's chat about when your e-liquid starts to throw in the towel. Most e-liquids will give you a solid two years before they start to hit their best-before date. Now, if your juice doesn't have nicotine in it, you might be able to stretch that timeline a bit, because it's the nicotine that tends to take the first exit. But hey, those best-before dates? They're more like a suggestion than a hard and fast rule. Over time, there's no guarantee your e-liquid will be as top-notch as the day you got it.

Now, each e-liquid has a different expiration date based on what's inside and how it's made. But you can always keep an eye on the quality at home. Look out for how it's been stored—has it been hanging out in the heat or soaking up too much light? Maybe left open to the world? All that could lead to a change in colour or consistency.

If your e-liquid's started to separate, give it a good shake. If it doesn't want to play nice and mix back together, well, it might be time to say goodbye and grab a new one. And hey, if it's giving off a funky smell, it might be past its prime. So, take a whiff, and if it ain't smelling right, it might be time to trade up.


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