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It's here - the news our European customers have been eagerly waiting for!

IOSS has been approved


Since leaving the EU we know our European customers have had insecurities about their orders. What fees need to be paid? How much the the duties cost me?

We've looked high and low for a suitable solution and we think IOSS may just be the thing we've been looking for. 

No hidden fees, no letters from customs demanding payments, no miserable surprises! 

From now now you'll be able to place your order in peace and pay your VAT at checkout! It's almost as if Brexit never happened - Magic, Yes! Yes it is!

We've popped all the important information regarding limitations below so check it out to be fully informed! 

The Important Stuff

With the Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS for short) our system will automatically apply the correct amount of VAT to your order at checkout based upon your countries own VAT rate (providing your order remains under €150).

If your order exceeds €150 (around £126 depending on the current exchange rate) your order will no longer fall under the IOSS bracket meaning our system will not charge VAT on your order at checkout and once your order arrives in its destination country you will be liable to pay both VAT and dutiesThis means it's really important to carefully review your order total before placing your order with us.

Sadly, Royal Mail have advised us that, until further notice both Romania and the Czech Republic's postal systems are having difficulty with the IOSS system however, these countries still fall under the IOSS bracket providing orders remain under 150.

We've done everything we can to prepare ourselves for this change and we're optimistic orders won't encounter any issues however, as usual please contact us if you have any problems.

You don't need to do anything for our system to add the correct VAT to your order and our shipping software has had all the necessary information added so that once your order has been placed you just need to sit back, relax and wait for the postman to arrive!

Love As Always,
Chefs ♥

DISCLAIMER: "WELOVEEUROPE" discount code requires a minimum spend of £10 worth of applicable products. Nicotine products and "Support The Creator" brands are excluded from this promotion. Offer ends approx. 00:00 01/11/21.


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