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Ginger Rogers Concentrate

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Rich Gingerbread with added Coconut, and a creeeeeeeamy Butterscotch aftertaste. 30ml Bottle Mix at 20%  

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Had wanted to try this for so long but was never available when I happened to be placing an order. Was able to grab a bottle at the end of Nov so made 100ml up and waited until xmas time to try it. Wow - absolutely gorgeous flavour! Really wasn't expecting it to be so nice.
Reading some of the reviews below it appears the recipe has been changed a while back - I can't compare them having not tried the original, but this is just so well done - perfect blend of gingery, cakey, butterscotchy, custardy goodness. Thank you Chefs :D


    ginger rodgers

    Agree with Liam h ,defo not the same but still good .

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    Loved this stuff but...

    Is not the same mix or ratio that it use to be.

    Mixed two seperate bottles from the opriginal concentrate and what seems to be the new stuff.

    70/30 3mg after a week both totally different colours and taste is no where near as strong.


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    i can tell that the juice is well made and well balanced, so i cant rate it low just because i personally dont like the flavor it makes me feel sick if i vape it to much.

    But flavor is subjective...


      Ginger Rodgers at 20%

      I got this because every one was raving about it on my forum it lives up to its expectations I mix mine at 60vg 40pg , Lovely flavour thanks chefs :)

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      Wow this is fantastic. Tastes just like my Old Gran's Steamed Suet Pudding. And fills the air with the aroma.
      And yes can be vaoed right away, but I have stored some for steeping to compare.
      I defo recommend this


        Love ginger cake... Love this!

        Impressed with this one. Like Jamaican Ginger cake with a mild caramel overtone and yes, the light touch of coconut works really well. Very good.


          Tried so many different concentrates- this is THE one!

          This vape is absolutely first class, a divine blend of ginger sponge and creamy custard. At 20% flavour, 80/20 VG/PG, this is exceptional when mixed and vaped straight off without steeping- it doesn't last me long enough to be able to advise how incredible it is once steeped! I bough my first 30ml bottle and it arrived yesterday- just logged on now to get another five bottles and it's sold out! Gutted!



            This is a perfect custard with ginger cake. It arrived yesterday together with 2 other Chef's concentrates. I made a test batch of e-juice and even without steeping it tastes excellent. They all do, so I immediately ordered some more.

            From now on, Chef's is my shop for sweet treats. I can't wait to give them all a try. 3 more in the mail :)

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            Ginger Rogers Concentrate

            Ginger Rogers Concentrate