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Nice Custard Cream

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Everyone loves Custard Creams. So, we decided to make our own take on it and it's exactly what is says on the tin. Custard cream with a sugary coconut biscuit exhale just like the real thing and it's great with a brew. 30ml Bottle Mix at 30%  

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Yep - it's Nice biccies

This is a well balanced and flavourful vape. Mixed at 20% and steeped for 4 weeks. Unfortunately I'm a bit over sensitive to Acetyl Pyrazine and I can taste it quite strongly in this. I will definitely finish the bottle, but prob won't buy again. That's not to say I don't rate it - I do recommend it as a very accurate Nice biscuit (just be aware if you have a heightened sense of tasting AP) :)


    Nice is not enough

    I have to say, this is an outstanding one-shot. I you like sweet, you may wanna add some sweetener, or EM.
    Nice blend of vanilla custard, with just enough coconut for taste. If you like bikkies, you'll like this.
    Mixed at 25%, 75% vg(nic too)


      kev c

      really want to get this 100ml bottle but not sure what vg pg mix I need can anyone help my fingers on the buy button lol


        very nice flavour

        Mixed this up at 20% and tried it after a few days. I was very disappointed. It had a strange taste to me. 2 weeks later, its bloody amazing very nice indeed.

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        can't leave it alone

        Only been steeping 2 weeks and it's amazing. Exactly like it says, creamy custard on the inhale - biscuity coconut on the exhale. Ording another 2 bottles now and will try and leave it for a month. can't wait.

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        Oh Wow

        This is exceptional mixed at 20%. Absolutely love it.


          Very well made

          I have made this my second diy juice and i gotta say it rocked my socks off i mixed 30ml of concentrate with 70 ml of vg and vg based nic mixat 3%. The smoothest most defined bake to date you can tate the coconut nice biscuit on the inhale and the custard cream jumps around your mouth with such a sweet creamy exhale could be my new all day vape


            mrs nelly

            absolutely my favourite adv , really lovely guys well done on making a truly beautiful biscuit and cream treat yummy.


              MY ADV

              Just amazing, can't stop vaping it, I've forced myself to buy a few other flavours to mix my vaping up a bit but can't keep off it, everyone I give a sample to loves it. 25%, good after 4 weeks, amazing after 2 months and probably gets better after that, I've yet to find out.



                I get a really smooth biscuit flavour with a hint of coconut and a creamy custard. One that I won't let myself run out of. Some biscuit vapes can be too much, this one is a really light biscuit helped by the other flavours.

                Try this at a lower wattage with a longer draw, I find it brings out the coconut biscuit more doing this.

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                Very Nice, very very Nice!

                Wow, these chefs know how to mix these concentrates, subtle hints of the biscuits with a creamy custard base. Mixed on its own @25%, also mixed with a strawberry flavour and just as delicious, good stuff Chefs.

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                Bought this as a treat for myself and absolutely love it
                Mixed at 20% and great after a few days to start vaping. I havent managed to steep any longer as always end up vaping it all.
                PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start selling 100ml bottles

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                Thought I'd buy a bottle of this due to the rave reviews, and I'm loving it. Only mixed up a batch yesterday and it's already excellent. Creamy, biscuity, with a lovely hint of coconut. Can't wait to try it out in a couple of weeks.

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                Essential minimum 4 week steep....thick,rich flavour with a hint of coconut.....these guys produce really top quality concentrates.
                I always and still do mix my own from scratch,but these days less and less...why bother when you have this class of flavour.Have tried many of chefs flavour concentrates and am highly impressed

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                Damn, the best concentrate out there, vaping only this for the last 6 months.... really a masterpiece!!!

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                The DADDY of all custards

                After trying pretty much all of the custards under the sun, thought I'd give this one a blast. Mixed at 25%, amazing custard taste on the exhale, then your left with a biscuit taste in your mouth afterwards. Not touching any other juice now, apart from this, and OMG from the Mom & Pop range. Take my hat off to you guys at chefs, you've created a masterpiece!!!

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                very nice custard!

                i mixed it at 20/80 pg /vg ratio 20%. i think i want to go higher next time as it rly depends on what setup u use and W or temp to get the biscuit flavor popping out rly nice. if i just put it in a herakles plus and pump the W i just get a bit strange creamy custard. still good but not as good as it can be when u get the biscuit out.
                all in all its the best one ive tried from chefs yet!

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                Simply The Best

                I absolutely love this. I used at 20% and made a load of it.

                Trouble is that it is always out of stock when you need more. C'mon Chefs!! that should tell you something...You need to stock more and keep stock up.

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                Highly recommended

                Was eyeing this one up for a while on here but never got around to buying it.
                Whilst in my local juice shop a lady in front of me was vaping on this exact flavor and I commented on how I had seen it etc.
                Being a fellow mixer herself she told me to have a go on hers.
                Wow.... What can i say, it tasted amazing after her only making it the day before.
                I bought some there and then and mixed it up as soon as I got home at 30%
                Mine has been steeping now for 2 weeks and smells absolutely awesome!
                I have diped my finger in it to have a taste (it's just what I do, surely I'm not the only one) and it actually tastes like you could drink it.
                Although definitely not needed I'm going to steep for another couple of weeks and I can guarantee you now that it will be like vaping on liquid gold!!!
                Can't wait!

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                Mixed at 20%. I don't buy many "premixed" concentrates but I will certainly buy this again WHEN it comes back in stock.

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                By Far the best flavour concentrate

                This custard tops em all, nice smooth creamy taste, just as it says, mixed at 30% awesome vape, highly recommended, Chefs please sell in 100ml bottles :)

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                Favourite flavour so far

                I find it really difficult to find flavours that I love and can carry on vaping, this though is top notch and easily an ADV. Love the subtle hint of coconut. Can't wait for the next batch.

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                Nice biscuit base

                Really nice Biscuit Base with cream and custard overlay. Very nice indeed.

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                Very Nice indeed...

                Super accurate rendition of the Nice Cream Biscuit. Mellow coconut shortcake and a creamy custard base. Tops.

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                Absolutely love this! , mixed at 20% tastes just like those fine biscuits :)

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                Nice Custard Cream

                Nice Custard Cream