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Green with Envy Concentrate

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About the Green with Envy Concentrate

Green with Envy

A blend of Absinthe, Blackcurrant and Lime with a Cool Blast Finish

Mix at 18.5%


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A bit strong for me

I tried to like this after the reviews, but I find it really hard to vape. Mixed at 20% and it gives me an unpleasant tingling every time I inhale. I'm a big fan of menthol and fruity vapes, so not sure why this one is so weird to me. Gonna try mix at 15% and see if it's any better.



    What kind of sorcery is this? I hate cooling. Really really hate it. But I bought this anyway out of curiosity yet fully expecting to hate it. It's amazing! The cooling is meant to be there. The blackcurrant, lime and absinthe are supposed to be there. It all just works so well together and I can't stop vaping it. Incredible. Great work chefs!


      Awesome stuff

      This is the first juice I can call my ADV, it’s semi sweet, it’s cold, and has a nice fruity anise flavor. Kinda reminds me of eating some jellybeans with a black one mixed in. I just wish they had a clear version, I’m not to sure about vaping coloured juice, but it’s really hard to put down.



        Mixed at 20% 70vg 30pg after 1 week tastes awesome,if it improves in more time its a bonus but im happy as it is atm
        Will be buying more of this love it

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        Fantastic smooth vape!

        Fantastic smooth vape when your tda is on its peak! 2nd day of cotton and now it gives an awesome tasting flavour which is immense and enjoyable! I have tried many of Chefs but this one my wife and i enjoy together! I brew it up then bottle each ones into 100ml to lock in flavour. So much better than opening big bottle every time! Get 100ml to keep you stocked up with it! Fab stuff Chefs!



          Amazing shake n vape even better after a couple of weeks. A beautifully balanced blend of Absinthe blackcurrant and lime with a lovely cool breeze effect, a great ADV


            Warning warning very ADDICTIVE!!

            This is lush!!! Just pure addictive flavour! Better than Heisenburg! If you havent tried it, you're a fool not to try!!!!!
            Steeped for 2 days. Just to get it to mix well but is shake and vape!
            Ordering again after i tried sample!


              Awsome flavour

              Mixed at 50/50
              Left it steeping for 2 weeks.
              Wow the flavour is amazing. Love the aniseed coming through with the other flavours. Definately an adv. Will be buying this again.

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              Absinthe based but delivers so much more,refreshing and juicy with a menthol type finish
              Recommend 20% mix but I've mixed at 15% as I found full strength too much personally
              Definitely one of my go to vapes,I have recently been informed that the recipe may have been changed due to a concentrate which is now no longer viable? I'm hoping this is not that case as it is one of my favourites


                Verry fine flavour

                Green with envy is a good vape to have, I like the cooling effect and the nice soft absinthe and taste of lime.

                This is definitely something okay to try.


                  cant stop vaping it

                  insanely good,really refreshing!

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                  green wow

                  if your a fruity vape lover and looking for a change then this is it zesty,currant and with a kick love it

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                  Not their best

                  It seems to kill coils and looses it's taste quite quickly. They make better similar juices.

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                  Simply amazing!!!

                  One of the nicest juices I've tried in a long time!

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                  This stuff is like liquid crack!

                  Seriously, I can't get enough of this. I was always a custard/dessert vaper until I tried this and never had an adv either. I now carry 2 mods everywhere so I've always got GWE on hand.

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                  I've never had an 'ADV', I usually have a few flavours on the go each day because I get bored.

                  Then I tried Green with Envy. After years, I've finally discovered my all day vape. It's a refreshing flavour, which changes with each inhale and exhale into something new. A burst of lime, a juicy blackcurrant background, with the uniqueness of the absinthe bringing it all together, all finishing on a fresh cold exhale: this is something remarkable.


                    Strong Flavour

                    I'ts very very Absinthe flavoured, the fruits take a back seat, waaay at the back (if at all) and its has a pretty strong menthol hit too. Tasted a bit like bonjela to me tbh. I kinda still liked it tho :)

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                    Great juice. Thumbs up

                    Great juice from chefs. Don't usually Vape minty flavours so thought I'd give this a try. I mixed it at 20%, 70/30, 100ml and its great. Personally even though I really like it, the cool blast it gives you, you do need to get used to it imo. But the fruit hints at the back really do come through. I've been mixing for a while now and just getting a bit lazy. Hahaha. Defo worth a recommendation. Happy vaping people.



                      Absolutely quality juice. A bit out of my comfort zone but you have to try different things and glad I did. top juice from the chefs!


                        Ooh my lord !!!

                        First time I've ordered from here and after reading the reviews it seemed like my kind of flavour .

                        As above .... oooh my lord , this is amazing , the best flavour I've ever tried hands down .

                        1st time here and what a first impression I've been given .

                        Thank you very much , you've just changed my vaping life haha !



                          This is absolutely stunning , one of the best I've tried , lovely subtle hints of blackcurrant and lime though I find the lime a little more prominent which is great in my opinion ...superb cool blast ..if you've not tried it I would highly recommend you do , well done chefs for coming up with a corker

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                          Awesome green with envy

                          Awesome stuff mixed at 65vg 35 pg shake and vape.i'll be buying more concentrates from this company top service and very fast delivery excellent customer service they got to be welsh.

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                          My new favourite one shot

                          Was blown away but how lovely this is . This will be my new all day vape . A gorgeous fruity mix of Blackcurrant and zesty Lime kick with a super cold blast at the end . Not menthol a lovely cold chill. Gorgeous stuff, A must try in my opinion.

                          • 8 out of 8 people found this review useful.

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