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Sweet Prudence 30ml - Halcyon Haze

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Do not be fooled by the apparent innocence of Sweet Prudence.

She is a beguiling aroma, gaining your favour with her gentle nature and enchanting notes.

Prudence’s creation is a clever blend of deliciously sweet flavours, composed of tangerine zest, acacia honey and French vanilla, mixed with a melody of her own secret ingredients.

A smooth vape with a symphony of flavours, it will leave a lingering sweet taste in the back of your mouth.

The concentrate has to be diluted with Propylene Glycol and / or Vegetable Glycerine. A diluted nicotine base can be added if required. For the best result, we recommend between 15 and 20% concentrate within the final mix.

Recommended steeping time for all DIY mixed juice is from 3 – 5 days. Please store liquids in a safe and dark space when steeping or not using them.