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A firm and decadent custard between two crispy slices of flakey pastry capped with a sticky white icing.

Vanilla slice, custard slice, mille feuille, cremeschnitte, krempita, snot block… whatever you call it it's delicious!

Born in Del Norte county, California, I had a happy childhood.
The 'Bigfoot' hunters drove several of us away in our youth though, their numbers increasing year on year - One nearly caught me on camera performing my ablutions!

A lumberjack whose life I saved when he fell into a ravine helped smuggle me out onto a small boat which I navigated single handedly around the globe before arriving in England in the summer of 1994.
I suffered taunting and ridicule because of my hairiness from the moment I set foot on land despite having been to the barbers for curtains and an undercut, and soon found refuge amongst the trees; once more back where I belonged.

On the way to the forest I stole a selection of pastries from (now sadly defunct chain) The Bakers Oven.

I almost choked on a dry old Eccles cake and suffered immense disappointment by a peculiarly solid iced finger but then… oh but then… the vanilla custard slice!

This is my take on that moment of heavenly delight as you bite through the crisp pastry layers which sandwich the thickest filthy custard in the middle which, along with the sweet frosting tastes better than the slice of Dominoes pizza I found near the dog poo bin last Thursday.

I hope you enjoy it.

Peace out

Barry T. Sasquatch

Mix at 12.3%
30ML Bottle

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