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Rice Pudding and Jam

Divine Shots
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About the Rice Pudding and Jam

Rice Pudding & Jam

Reminiscent of school dinners past and present this flavour takes you there. A thick creamy sweet bowl of rice milk with a dollop of sweet raspberry jam.

30ml Bottle

Mix at 10%

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I was very skeptical about this taste first. I have never eaten rice puddung, but I have eaten rice straw and rice porridge. But this tasted good! Sweet and good creamy flavor with the taste of berries. Recommended!


    Different from dinner lady but delicious and one of my favourite

    Had high high hopes for this juice and it did not disappoint. Nailed the base taste of the rice pudding a creamy thick tasting vanilla bitty inhale with a slight creamy and sharp then smooth raspberry jam in the exhale. Definitely in my top 10 dessert flavours!


      Sweet love

      To all the moaners try patience, this is a pudding it needs steeping, left it 6 weeks and I want to make sweet love to it, it's bloomin gawjus and bang on.

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      GaryP: it's okay

      It just doesn't taste anything like rice pudding and jam. I was stupid enough to mix 1 litre. Hopefully a short steep will fix it and not it's going to the bin

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      i hate to leave bad reviews and generally find some good in anything but this is just dreadful ...id love to be getting the rice pudding and jam people above seem to be getting ....i get a chemical strawberry taste thats paired with something a bit sour on the exhale ....no matter how hard i try its not rice pudding in anyway compared to the bottle i received you could literally mix any two flavours you wanted and get a better juice :(

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      Very delicious BUT...

      Waited 7 days and tried this juice and it does what it says. A delicious raspberry rice pudding... But to be honest I awaited something different.
      I know that it's only inspired by Dinner Lady's rice pudding... But after Darren created Lemon tarte and this was nearly spot on to the original, this one here is in my opinion not comparable. I don't know if some more time will bring the missing flavours out some more but anyway, the juice is damn delicious as it is a :)

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      Old School flavour!

      So... I managed to wait 6 days. Divine shots Rice Pudding and Jam - It's uncanny how authentic this juice is. It takes me back to old fashioned school dinners! On the inhale I get a sweet, sticky almost melted jam and on the exhale a creamy rice pudding /semolina comes through giving a very satisfying feeling. It really is very moreish. The rice taste really offsets well with the sweetness of the jam giving a nice balanced vape. Hats off to Darren Cole, another awesome mix!

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      Creamy sweet and very moreish

      Exactly as described !! The favourite pudding you used to get at school before playing football with " the lads " in the play ground and calling the girl you fancied nasty names because you didn't want to give your game away lol!! nostalgic and delicious !!! :) cheers darren #thecreator

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      Its great

      Rice pudding & jam divine shots
      Made on 9 may
      Just put fresh cotton in my Hadaly And
      WoW it taste great
      Nice raspberry on the inhale And the ricepudding stay in your mouth after the vape

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      Rice pudding and jam

      Omg this is amazing! Love it. Tastes just like what its called. I couldn't wait a whole 7 days for it to steep so I tried it after 5 and it's gorgeous. The creator is amazing.

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      Rice Pudding and Jam

      Rice Pudding and Jam