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About the Roobarb & Custard

Roobarb & Custard

A English classic of tangy rhubarb and thick creamy custard, but we don't stop there we add our own twist on this classic that will keep you coming back.

30ml Bottle

Mix at 11% and steep for at least 21 days

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Not for me

Mixed at 11%, tried on various drippers using mesh, clapton at 40 to 80 watts.
I found this to be very weak and threw it away after 40 days of steeping.

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Bloody Lovely

Really quite nice, best one I've tried from Daren. Taste similar to perino rhubarb and custard. Its well balanced not too much stuffy custard, very sweet and tart rhubarb with a smooth custard underneath. Highly recommend

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Creamy, smooth, tangy, sweet PERFECT

By far the best rhubarb juice I've tried. This one stands out from the rest because like the others it's not overpowerd by the cap custard v1. It has notes that blend it all together. I get a slight hint of ginger that hits the spot in this juice making it feel like a proper cooked taste to the rhubarb! A smooth inhale with a sweet but tangy exhale and the creamy aftertaste makes this juice take a spot in my all day rotation.

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Top drawer!

If your after the boiled sweets flavour then stop reading. I normally make my own flavours now and in the past ive tried all the premium stuff. This is a great mix of a completely natural rhubarb and custard.

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Mixed at 10%

Mixed this bad boy up at 10% as I'm a tight ass and got 300ml out of it

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Really well balanced with sweet creamy custard and tart rhubarb ! Im still trying to put my finger on "your own twist" but i will revisit in a week or so :) really like this flavour thanks darren

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Roobarb & Custard

Roobarb & Custard