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Peter's Secret - Flavour Junkie

Flavour Junkie
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About the Peter's Secret - Flavour Junkie

A lush blend of Red fruits, watermelon and Guava...

Mix at 10%

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Too much Koolada

It's a nice fruity vape if you like Koolada and or menthol but it is more than I can handle in a vape. So make sure you like that sort of thing before you buy it. Otherwise it's a great fruity ejuice. Just not one for me


    Mix high %

    This is not one of my favs but not the worst. Nice flavour but dont steep for too long as I find the flavour fades. Mix at a high % to get the benefit of the flavour.


      My new all day vape

      mixed at 10% (0.2 nic) - needed good 2 weeks of steeping to get the best flavour out of it


        Peters secret

        Soz mix was made up at 12% - was 6mls of concentrate in each 50 mls juice i had made up ....

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        Peters secret

        Got order today decided this was the 1 i was gonna shake and vape as personal stock is down. ...

        Amazing - mixed 5 x 50mls bottles at 6% 2mg nic. From 30mls concentrate

        Very nice Strawberry/watermelon inhale and the ice just matches the guava perfectly on exhale

        Love it


          very nice

          Would of had 5stars but the koolada doesnt need to be in it.the combo of fruit is well balanced (like it is in kanzi) very sweet and like others say its juicy

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          What a party on your taste buds!
          Mixed this at 10%, max VG, left to steep for a week and what a refreshing fruity vape this is.
          Peter is a genius! As below stated it does have a cool feel to it so I guess Koolada was used in the blend. The guava/watermelon flavour on exhale is ace.
          Five stars *****
          Thanx Chef's for speedy delivery. (next day) 5 stars for you guys too! Happy days!

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          Peter's Secret

          I don't often write reviews here but I thought as it is part of the flavour junkie line which (to my knowledge) isn't available elsewhere that this is worthy of a special mention.

          I'd recommend mixing it at 5-10%. It's delicious, I get quite a lot of watermelon and strawberry from it, but it undoubtedly has other fruits in there as well. The description mentions guava. It's juicy, refreshing and has some koolada in there for sure. For those not familiar, koolada is not menthol, it doesn't have a specific taste but it gives the juice a "cooling" effect on your mouth that many menthol juices have.

          Highly recommend this one.

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          I Concur!

          As the above user mentioned, Wow.....Just wow.

          Such a nice exotic fruity vape with a nice cool finish on the exhale. more koolada than menthol.

          If you like fruity flavours this is definitely for you not too sweet and sickly, so good for an ADV.

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          Took a punt on this concentrate, as I have done so many times in the past with other random concentrates. This is my first review which should say a lot...

          This flavor really surprised me. Left for only 3 days steep and the flavor is just.. wow.

          Very strong so mixing at 10% as advised on the bottle was a good move. 80vg/20pg was my mix at 3mg nic - due to sub ohming.

          Normally I find menthol type flavors really strong when sub ohming, this was a pleasant surprise just a hint of menthol it seems, or possibly koolada, a nice refreshing coolness on the inhale.

          Tastes like strawberry, watermelon and .. you guessed it guava. Reminds me of a can of guava Rubicon, if anyone remembers that.

          tastes like a premium juice and I'll be ordering a 30ml bottle next time.

          Happy vaping,

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          Peter's Secret - Flavour Junkie

          Peter's Secret - Flavour Junkie