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Biscuit - Inawera

Inawera Concentrates
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About the Biscuit - Inawera


Manufactured from the ingredients for food production.

Very concentrated. Add 1-2%.

10 ml bottle with dropper.

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There's been a lot of talk about how good this concentrate is, and now I know why. It's simply AMAZING! You don't need a lot, I usually use it at 0.5%-1%.

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Versatile and tastes great

Imagine FA Cookie but with a buttery taste and that's what INW Biscuit is. It's brilliant at mixing with things as it isn't 'dry' so really helps the texture. I've found it's to much at over 2%, and personally I'm more inclined to use it no higher than 1.5%. It's fantastic in a CAP vanilla custard mix. There's a really good recipe on ELR called 'Biscuit Eater' that I highly recommend (but I'll be making my next batch using 1.5% biscuit).

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Biscuit - Inawera

Biscuit - Inawera