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About the Crispy Cakes

A Sweet Gooey Marshmallow and Puffed Rice Bar!

Mix at 25%

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Re: It isn't BAD, it's just boring.

I hope I'm allowed to do this but: I'd like to recant some of my previous review after a recent discovery I made while debating what to do with the remaining 49ml of Crispy Cakes vapable liquid I still had lying around. I added a few other concentrates/enhancers in very miniscule amounts - such as CAP Sugar Cookie and Acetyl Pyrazine - and straight away this juice had turned into something phenomenally delicious; it tasted quite a lot like actual, fried crispy PANcakes.

Here's my recipe if you're curious:

This 5-star review should balance out my previous three-star review to a much more fair four-stars, because as delicious as the resulting liquid may be, I'd argue that it loses a star just for the fact that a 'One Shot' concentrate shouldn't really need any further tinkering: is that not the whole point of having one-shots in the first place?

Choo-choo and peace out,


    It isn't BAD, it's just boring.

    This is a subtle flavour... well, that's an understatement. This juice doesn't actually have any kind of flavour profile I can put my finger on; it's like it's all background notes. Nothing pops out at me whatsoever. I've tried practically everything I can think of and I'm still underwhelmed. Firstly, mixing at 25%? Nothing. Probably just needs a good steep, I thought. After four weeks, (sampling it week after week).. still nothing. So I tried again, with an additional 5% putting it up to a total of 30%, and a week later here I am. I'll admit, there's *some* semblance of a flavour if I keep puffing away at it but it's not pronounced enough for me to be able to identify what it is.

    For what it's worth, I mixed it at 30/65 PG/VG (+5% distilled water as I usually do). Hardware wise? I've tried this on a lowly Melo 3 Mini tank at 60W, as well as my slightly beefier RDA setup (dual fused parallel claptons 0.22ohm) at 120W, as well as a few other builds not worth mentioning. Funilly enough this is the second rice-crispy-based flavour I've tried - the other being a pre-made liquid Ethis Crispy Treats, which I also found to be just as weak and disappointing.

    Maybe my palette simply isn't equipped for this particular flavour profile and I'm just an anomaly. I hope that to be the case... I'll try and get some secondary opinions on it, cos I'd hate for it to go to waste.


      A Sweet Ricebar

      Was very sceptical at first as you mix this at 25%.

      Tried mixing at 25%, 70/30, 6mg.
      After about a weeks steep. It's a sweet ricebar with some marshmallow. Not a very strong flavor, just perfect. This is my adv atm and i havent had one in 2 years! Love this one


        Brad B

        First order from here. Mixed at 70/30 25% and it smells amazing. Couldn't help but try a tad straight away and it is absolutely stunning!! Tastes just like the Squares. I'm going to leave it for 10 days at least like Aron says and can't wait.

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        simple but amazingly good , needs steeping for about 10 days or a bit more to get the full flv out.

        very nice ... i am a ONESHOTWONDER FAN and will defenetly try all there FLV NOW

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        Crispy Cakes

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