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LIMITED EDITION - This is a limited edition flavour and only one batch was made so once it's gone, its gone!

Chefs Shots are unfinished products.

In the dead of night Chester sneaks from the circus tent towards the caramel apple stand. He takes a crisp apple and hastily dunks it in the the warm, sweet caramel. As the caramel oozes he runs back to tent, he grabs a handful of salt and throws it liberally over the apple.

With a rollie in one hand and an apple in the other he greedily devours them both and felt oddly satisfied.

A perfect salted caramel apple tobacco. 

Our Chester Chefs Shot contains 50ml (20%) of concentrate to create 250ml of finished liquid.

Simply fill the bottle with your required base ingredients, shake and steep for the recommended steep time (or vape straight away if you wish)

Available in a single Chefs Shot 250ml bottle or as a kit which contains:

  • 1 x 250ml bottle with the correct amount of concentrate in the flavour of your choice
  • 1 x 250ml of VG
  • 4 x 20MG Nicotine Shots

Looking for Nicotine ? Click here - NICOTINE


Chefs Shots Kits contain Nicotine and are only available to customers located within the United Kingdom. If you are visiting us from outside of the United Kingdom and add this product to your basket your order will be cancelled without warning and your order will be refunded.