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Fried Dough flavouring concentrate formulated from the ground up for vape manufacturing and creating DIY ejuice recipes.

Crashing into the vat, it’s a cannon ball of fried dough. This one is strong, sweet and bready. Slight yeastiness to the dough that distinguishes it from a cookie or cinnamon bun.

Very useful for creating a full and rich bread note in a layered receipe. This flavour will work well with a donut or pastry, but it is STRONG so consider it an advanced-user flavour.

If you overmix, you will not taste dough, you will taste your own socks. This flavour will dominate at anything above 0.5%, and be totally distorted and unidentifiable by mixing above 1%.
Recommended starting point is 0.2% move up and down from there to taste.

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