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Vape Train’s Hard Crack Toffee DIY Concentrate for e-liquid making, is a flavour which mimics the taste of an extended cooked butterscotch that’s turned to a hard crack toffee “HCT”. This is a unique flavour that can be used in many recipes that are lacking that toasted, dark highly concentrated cooked sugar taste. If you enjoy toasted marshmallows mixed with a brown sugar toffee, you will definitely find uses for this in your e-liquid recipes. HCT is designed as a mixer with other flavours and can be paired with nuts, tobaccos, desserts and candy style vape recipes.

e-Liquid Recipe Guidance

Vaping is subjective therefore it’s difficult to know what strength is suitable for your palette. We suggest starting your batch with a small percentage and working your way up to reach your desired taste.

Food Grade Water Soluble Flavouring.
Ingredients: Imported Natural and Artificial Flavouring, suspended in Propylene Glycol and Ethanol.
Usage Recommendation Rate Mixed: 1%-2% in a mix – Standalone 4%-8% on it’s own
Can be used as standalone single dimensional flavour or combined with other flavours.

Other Information

All our flavours are sourced globally to bring you a one stop shop for all your e-liquid recipe creations.
Flavours are Nicotine Free 0mg
To be mixed with VG and or PG – you can find all sizes in our store
Shake before use – Store in a dark dry place – Keep away from children & pets

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