Honey Bee - Flavorah

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Flavorah was inspired by several threads on /r/DIY_ejuice to come out with a honey flavour that had the notes of real honey, straight from the bees' knees. Where is the honey that Baloo sings about in the Jungle Book; or that wild honey that John the Baptist ate in the desert with his crunchy locusts?     

Unlike the warmer dessert honey notes in Flavorah's Milk and Honey flavour, this is a floral honey.  It is flower nectar, condensed down into a sweet and fruit friendly pitch. This flavour stands out at surprisingly low concentration:  start at 0.3% or add <2% to a fruit meddle.  

Regardless of how you use it, it will bee a brilliant and very distinct flavour note.  The result, in all humbleness is pure VAPE MAGIC!