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Rhubarb's Drag Race

Sashay away with a perfect rendition of deliciously sweet and tart rhubarb topped with a crispy crumble and a lick of custard. Can I get an Amen up in here?

You humans can be incredibly cruel towards others who don't fit your ideals. I see and hear it as people wander through the woodland, he's too fat, she's a ginge, he's got a tiny willy.

It's why I stay hidden away; a tree doesn't judge you, the bracken a friend to all.

I only nip out to restock my supplies when forced and then usually as darkness descends. I keep myself clean and tidy, I use a hedgehog I know as a brush and wash in the stream, but I know I would be subject to tirades of abuse in the open.

En route to restock on supplies from the skip behind Tesco's, I caught a whiff of something truly delightful… It was risky but I couldn't resist following my nose and there on a window ledge I saw a real treat!

A crumble still bubbling hot from the oven and a jug of thick velvety custard. I swiped it and ran as fast as I could to a nearby thicket and in the absence of cutlery dug in with my claws!

Tender pink rhubarb, soft and a little tart bathing in its sweetened juices below a thick crisp lightly spiced crumble topping.

I roared with delight dunking handfuls in the custard and devouring it. This is my attempt at sharing that joyous moment with you as a one shot. Savour it.

Keep it real

Barry T. Sasquatch

Mix at 15%
30ml Bottle

This is a One Shot Concentrate and will need mixing with your base ingredients (PG, VG and Nicotine, if required) before use.

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