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About the Colonel Custard - T-Juice

Stand to attention! The colonel has arrived. In fact this beauty should be called the king of custards. This lush, creamy, custardy vape is so full of flavour, it will be hard to ever fill your tank with anything else.

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Don't listen!!

Anyone who knows about DIY knows custards usually require at least a month patient for best results.

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One of the best

I love this Custard, it is one of the best I have tasted, it does need to be made at 18-20% and requires a minimum 2 weeks steep.

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I found this to be a very nice custard indeed. Its a straight up sweet and sickly (in a custardy nice way) kind of custard. The other review on here states it was mixed with a 30ml bottle of flavouring to make up 250ml juice, that's only 12% flavouring. T-Juice state it needs to be mixed at 20% so for 250ml of end product you would need 50ml of flavouring.

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Zero flavour custard

I have tried many custard flavours but I have to say that this is the worst one by a long way. There is literally ZERO flavour. I mixed a 250ml bottle of juice with 30ml of flavour (along with apple pie) and I cannot taste this custard AT ALL. It has steeped for 4-5 days so far and every time I hit this juice I get absolutely nothing at all.

Avoid this concentrate at all costs. Massively disappointing.

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Colonel Custard - T-Juice

Colonel Custard - T-Juice