Cake Batter - Lauren's Flavour Notes

Cake Batter

Tested @5%, Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a RX200s with a Bonza 0.14 ohm dual coil Flaptons @ 130w

Chefs Flavours Description – None Available

1 Day Steep

Sweet cake batter with a slight frosting/buttercream element and a slight Vanilla taste, this is quite a light fluffy flavour more like a cup cake batter.

9 Day steep

No change in profile but a slight increase in strength

17 Day steep

No change

30 Days

Sweet cake batter with Vanilla essence, this is quite light and fluffy there is no egg yolk element, this is more like a white cake batter.

Light mouthfeel


I’d use this 2%-3% as an accent, 3%-5% as a background flavour, 5%-7% as the main note. If you wanted this as a standalone flavour I’d suggest 7%-10%.

I’d use this with other cake flavours especially white cake, fruits, light creams. Use as an accent for a hint of vanilla and cake batter.

Chefs Flavours recommended usage – None Available


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