Cheesecake - Molinberry Flavour Notes


*This flavour was provided by Molinberry

Tested @4.5%, Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a R200 with a Bonza 0.14-ohm dual coil Flaptons.

Manufacturers Description “Delicious cheesecake flavour almost like legendary New York style.”


This is a sweet lemon flavoured NY style cheesecake made with heavy cream not sour cream, there is no sourness present. This has a medium thick creamy mouthfeel, there is a hint of a biscuit base but is not well defined

18 Day steep

The lemon not has now faded although is still present, the vanilla is now present and is a sweet vanilla, the biscuit base remains unchanged, this is now a vanilla NY Style cheesecake, with a light lemon in the background, the mouthfeel has increased and is now thick and creamy with a very slight sour note, this is more like a home baked cheesecake than a commercially produced variety

26 Day Steep

No change

Suggested Usage

I’d use this 1%-2% as an accent, 2%-3% as a background flavour, 3%-5% as the main flavour

If you wanted this as a standalone flavour, I’d suggest 5%-7%.

I’d use with Biscuit, Cream, Custard, Fruit, Toffee, Caramel and Jam/Compotes


This is a sweet, thick and creamy NY Style cheesecake with some lemon notes and a light biscuit base hint, used as an accent this would be good for thickening up custards and creams.

As a main flavour this would give you a good cheesecake topping, the lemon notes may get covered up in a mix.

Molinberry Recommended usage: - 6%-8%


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