Chews Candy (SC) - WF Flavour Notes

Chews Candy (SC)

*This flavour was provided by Chefs Flavours

Tested @2%, Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a R200 with a Bonza 0.14-ohm dual coil Flaptons.

Manufacturers Description “Pop a chews candy in your mouth, and you’ll taste an explosion of flavours. Chews candies are one of the most nostalgic bubblegum candies and are definitely one of the most flavourful!”


Sweet dark grape flavoured candy

7 Day Steep

No change

14 Day Steep

The mouthfeel has now increased

28 Day Steep

No change

Suggested Usage

I’d use this 1%-2% as an accent, 2%-3% as a background flavour, 3%-4% as the main flavour

If you wanted this stand-alone, I’d suggest 4%-6%

I’d use with Fruit, Vanilla, Cream, Beverages, Candies and Candy additives


This is a sweet dark grape flavoured candy with a medium thick mouthfeel, the ‘chew’ part will need a little help just to bring it forward as although it has a good mouthfeel, I wouldn’t describe it as ‘Chewy’. This would work well as part of a grape mix to enhance the mouthfeel and depth

Wonder Flavours Recommended usage: - 1%-4%


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