Crunch Cereal - FLV Flavour Notes

Crunch Cereal

Tested @ 2%, diluted in 70/30 0Nic

Tested on a R200 Bonza dual coil 0.14ohm Flapton @ 100w

Manufacturer’s description – “Sweet cereal flavor, can be a base for berries and other fruits. Add milks and dairy for desert driven flavor notes, or straight as a capn crunch cereal flavour”


Dry wheat cereal with a blueberry flavour in the background

7 day steep

Increase in strength, the wheat cereal taste has increased in strength, the blueberry like taste is still but it has faded slightly, the blueberry is sweet and tart and similar to the blueberry in FLV Blueberry Muffin

14 day steep

No change. Slightly dry with a full mouthfeel

21 day steep

No change

25 day steep

No change

Suggested usage

I’d use as a main 1.5%-2.5%, background 0.75%-1.5%, Accent 0.25%-0.75%. Standalone 2.5%-4%

I’d use with Fruits, Cereals, Nuts, vanilla, Creams, Custard, bakery.


As a main flavour this would be good as a main note in a cereal type mix to give some texture as well as taste, used as an accent this would work well with bakery to add texture.

Flavorah recommended usage - Start at 1%


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