Dr Who? - FA Flavour Notes

Dr who?

Tested @1% diluted in 70/30 0nic

Tested on a Bonza 0.14 dual Ni80 Flaptons @ 1% 70/30 0Nic

Manufacturers description “The distinctive blend of Cola and Cherry with a hint of Almond was inspired by the famous Dr P fizzy drink.”

3 day steep

I’m not getting any flavour from this atm.

8 Day Steep

Lick- Cola with a slightly bitter aftertaste

Vape - a little like Dr. Pepper, a very light flavour generic cola with a hint of a pleasant cherry.

19 Day Steep

Vape - Flat cola like taste with a hint of cherry and almond (marzipan?) Slight vanilla, reminiscent of Dr. Pepper.

Suggested usage

Stand alone would need to be taken to 5%-7% to get a strong flavour.

This is a medium to long steeper at this %

Mix with other beverage type concentrates at 2-3% for a slight hint of cherry and almond. 3%-5% as a main taste in a recipe.

Should pair well with other Colas and Alcohol type concentrates.

FA recommend- None available


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