Jasmine - FA Flavour Notes


Tested @1%, 70/30 0Nic

Tested on VV pulse BF with Dead Rabbit RDA 0.14 Ni80 dual fused Claptons.

Manufacturers description “The light floral touch of Jasmine adds the finishing touch to blended Teas or sweet flavours.”

1 Day steep

Lick - Very syrupy slight floral

Vape - Strange but quite pleasant floral vape, with a warm and sweet verging on syrupy floral taste not overly strong easily overwhelmed by strong flavours.

8 Day steep

Lick - Dark syrupy flavour, slight spice and Floral.

Vape - a strong almost sweet floral, slightly syrupy towards the end of the vape.

Suggested usage

At this % it will get over powered by strong flavours, but will end up coming through at the end of the vape, I’d use this at 1% for a strong Jasmine as an end flavour.

As an accent I would use it at 0.25-1%.

You could get away using this against strong flavours at up to 3% this should place it as the primary flavour with a strong floral also bringing up that syrupy sweetness.

This will pair well with creams and Vanilla and some exotic fruits.

I wouldn't pair this with other florals.

FA recommend- None available


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