Lemonade Solo - VTA Flavour Notes

Lemonade Solo

Tested @2% 70/30 0Nic. Bonza 0.14 dual Ni80 Flaptons on VV Pulse.

VTA Description

A sweet bubbly lemonade flavour that’s perfect on its own. Open the door to creativity by mixing with other beverages such as beer, wine to create a shandy a Vape or lift sweetness and mouth-feel by using lemonade with other fruits to make them pop.”


Sweet soft Lemon with a hint of Lemonade

24 hr

Sweet Lemon with lemonade and a slight perfume on the exhale.

11 Days

Sweet soft lemon with a lemonade background, with no effervescence , very light flavour. I would expect this, testing at this % for a concentrate with Solo in the name.

16 Days

No fading, although the Lemon may have become slightly sweeter, this tastes very much like a store bought Lemonade in the style of Schweppes with no effervescence.


Use @ 6%-8% for a single flavour but expect it to be slightly per fumy until steeped a few days.

Use at 4%-6% for a primary Lemonade in a mix.

Use at 2%-4% as a background and 1%-2% for an accent although this will be very light.

Should mix well with most fruits and Alcoholic Beverage type concentrates such as Whisky, Bourbon, Gin.

VTA Recommend 3%-5% in a mix and 7%-12% Stand-alone


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