Lemonade (Clear) - VTA Flavour Notes

Lemonade (Clear)

Tested @ 2% 70/30 0Nic. Bonza 0.14 dual Ni80 flaptons on VV Pulse

VTA Description

A sweet lemonade flavour that’s similar to a Sprite Lemonade without the zest y citrus tang found in say a lemon squash. This flavour is perfect to use as a single mix or blend it with other fruits such as grapefruit, raspberry and even alcohol flavours to make cocktail styled e-liquids.”


Very strong sour lemon, no lemonade taste.


The Lemon has calmed down now starting to taste a little more like lemonade, sweet and a little dry at the end of the exhale

11 Days

Strong slightly tart lemon followed by that wet sweet lemonade taste no 'fizz'. This is a traditional/homemade type of lemonade.

16 Days

The lemon has faded slightly however this still has a tart Lemon up front followed by that sweet lemonade style soda base.


Use this as the primary lemonade flavour at 4%-7%. As a background 2%-4%, stand-alone 7%-10%

Should mix well with other fruit, would make a great base for a 'pink' lemonade, that Lemon will be dominant against other flavours initially if mixed at the higher % although that lemon taste will fade as it steeps, may mix well with bourbons and whisky types.

VTA Recommend 5%-10% in a mix.

Example Recipe from VTA:-Lemonade Clear 4%, Lychee 6%, Fizzy Sherbet 2%


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