Milkshake Base - VTA Flavour Notes

Milkshake Base

Tested @1.5% 70/30 0nic on Bonza 0.14 dual Ni80 Flaptons on VV Pulse

VTA Description

Milkshake Base is a foundation builder to many eliquid recipes that require a universal bending agent to swing their recipes in all directions. Milkshake base was designed to work with a large spectrums of fruits and dairy dessert styled recipes. Easily create recipes to enhance frappé, smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream, gelato and creamy recipes. Add depth, accents to existing dairy ejuice recipes. Chocolate, coffee, caramel flavours benefit the use of Milkshake base by adding thickness, mouth feel and slightly malted milk undertones to eliquid recipes.”

24 Hr

Very malty taste and an underlying flavour that reminds me of freshly boiled milk.

9 Days

Slight increase in strength, Very malty taste reminiscent of Oval-tine with a background taste of boiled milk and a nice thick mouth feel, I can see how this would work as an additive to create milkshakes used with other creams or dairy, This would give you the classic taste of a Malted Milkshake and used lower than my tester would just be a hint, and that Boiled milk type taste would become a Milk froth, as if you had just blended a fresh milkshake.

18 Days

No change in flavour


I'd use at 0.25%-0.5% as an additive/Accent, 0.5%-1% as a background note and if you want that Malted with freshly boiled milk foam taste use at 1%-2%. If you wanted to use stand-alone I'd suggest 1.5%-5%.

This will work very well with creams, Dairy, Ice Creams, Chocolates and some fruits, you may be able to use this to create a malted milk biscuit combined with some biscuit or bakery. Used as an accent/additive this would work with fruits as part of a milkshake/Smoothie base.

VTA Recommend Mixed 0.3%-1.5%


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