Pandan Leaf - VTA Flavour Notes

Pandan Leaf

Tested @2% 70/30 0nic on Bonza 0.14 dual Ni80 Flaptons on VV Pulse

VTA Description

“A very unique flavour that mimics the form of an extracted pandan leaf flavour (also known as screw-pine plant). This flavour could serve as the baseline to some new exciting ejuice recipes such as panda sponge cake, pandan ice cream and many more when mixed with other flavours. This flavour has a characteristic aromas between mixture of almonds and vanilla, with green leafy tones. The flavour is very bold and must be used sparingly due to its potency.”

24 hr

Green leafy taste with a very slight woodiness and a slight background flavour reminiscent of ‘Basmati` taste (the flavour not the rice) at the end of the Vape, this reminds me of the background taste in RY4 type dessert tobaccos

9 Days

This has increased in strength compared to the 24hr Steep . There is a Slightly green leafy top note, although it has reduced slightly, with a woody and slightly nutty (Basmati) taste overall flavour of this is still reminiscent of the background note in RY4 dessert Tobacco, overall this has quite a dry quality to it throughout the Vape

18 Days

No change in flavour or strength


I’d use this at 0.25%-0.75% as an accent flavour, 0.75%-1.25% as a background flavour and 1.25%-2.5% as a main note although I would only use the higher % against other strong flavourings. I don’t believe this is meant to be vaped stand-alone it’s use is more of an additive or mixer, but if you wished to Vape this stand-alone (it’s a unique but not unpleasant flavour) I’d suggest no higher than 4%

The primary use for this flavour would be with Tobaccos, Creams, caramel and vanilla to mix up your own version of a RY4.

Although more of a savoury flavour This should also pair well with Coconut milk, Lemongrass and Rice.

VTA Recommend Mixed:0.5%-2% as a guide


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